Pre-season plans

With coaches now appointed to lead the pre-season for our older age groups and experienced Footy people to guide the process it’s a good time to let our parents and players know what to expect. With the season not starting until late in April there’s plenty of time to work on skills and game sense, and that’s where we’ll be focusing our energies as a club.

If you’re planning on playing at Surrey Park in 2017 then it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll build a fitness base to get you through the season. Many of your teammates are already running regularly, and others are putting plans in place. Our suggestion is to do at least 2 sessions per week from the start of January, and there’s nothing better than a couple of brisk laps of Gardiners Creek with your teammates to build your tank. Fuel the improvement in each other to drive us all to greater heights in 2017.